What We Treat

  • Spine: Back & Neck Pain
  • Orthopedics (joint pain)
  • Pre & Post Surgery Rehab
  • Sports Injuries
  • Total Joint Rehab
  • Workers Comp Cases
  • Women’s Health / Pelvic Floor

(Click the image above to see a full list of the conditions and diagnoses we treat.)

At Aspen Ridge Physical Therapy, we see patients of all ages and treat almost any condition. See above for a List of Services that outlines everything we treat. Below is a sample of a few conditions where we have outlined what the condition is, the signs and symptoms, and how we treat it. We hope it gives you a good idea of several conditions we see frequently and can help you with. What we do NOT Treat: If a patient is dependent (requires a wheelchair or assistance for functioning), we typically are not able to treat these patients. Some neurological cases like SCI’s, Parkinson’s, Stroke, etc. are difficult if the patient is wheelchair bound or can’t walk / stand independently.